The vitabeginning effort consists of several studies, most of them are randomized controlled trials and most involve vitamin B12 supplmentation with or without other nutrients. In this collaboration we try to estimate the effect of nutrient exposure in early life on subequent growth and cognitive development.   Link to protocol paper

The Micronutrient Survey in Nepal (Rieber)

A cross-sectional survey of 500 Nepali Infant mother pairs with a follow - up of a subsample of 350 children around their 5th birthday.

NCT03285399  at

Vitamin B12 supplmentation  in pregnancy

An ongoing randomized placebo controlled trial in 800 pregnant Nepalese women. Children will be followed up until their 5th birthday.

NCT03071666 at

Link to protocol​ paper

​Vitamin B12 supplementation in pregancy

A completed randomized, placebo controlled trial in Bangalore, India. 270 pregnant women were given B12 or placebo.  Children were followed-up until their 5th birthday.

NCT00641862 at

​Folic acid and vitamin B12 trial in India Children 

A randomized, placebo controlled trial in 1000 New Delhi children. Main outcomes were infections and growth during the follow up period. We visited the children again at school age.

NCT00717730 at

Vitamin B12, Neurodevelopment and Growth in Nepal

A randomized, placebo controlled trial in 600 Nepalese children. Main outcomes were growth and neurodevelopment after one year. The children will be followed until their 5th birthday.

NCT02272842 at

Link to protocol​ paper

​Micronutrient supplementation in Tanzania.

Two studies where children or mothers were randomized to receive high doses of multimicronutrients or placebo.  Children were followed for several years after the first phase.

NCT00421668 at